Culture and People

We work together to make a workplace where people feel they belong and can reach their full potential.

Our values

At Alliant Energy we deliver the energy solutions and exceptional service that our customers and communities count on – safely, efficiently and responsibly.


Live safety. Everyone. Always. Our first priority is that nobody gets hurt.


Do the right thing. We keep our promises and conduct our business openly and honestly.


Care for others. Together we create a workplace where people feel like they belong and can use their unique backgrounds, talents and perspectives to their fullest potential.


Make things better. We partner with our customers and communities to solve problems, create opportunities and help make life better.


Act for tomorrow. We use resources wisely, care for the environment and continuously improve ourselves and our company.

Think beyond. Be bold. We create and embrace change, innovate beyond current practices and use our curiosity to find new solutions.

All of our employees are trained on and expected to adhere to our company’s Code of Conduct.


Employee and public safety

In 2017 we implemented a Safety Management System that replaced multiple systems and streamlined reporting. The system also has expanded capabilities such as dashboards, trending and improved root-cause analysis tools. Equally important, the system makes it easier to acknowledge positive safety activity under the Good Catch program. For example, someone recognizes a potential safety hazard and proactively resolves the issue – such as removing loose extension cords on the floor that could cause a tripping hazard.

Public safety is equally important as we interact with our customers to provide energy to their homes and businesses. In addition to awareness campaigns, we offer natural gas and electric public safety presentations at no cost to the communities we serve. Other tools include our free online training program, “Responding to Utility Emergencies,” and “Recognizing and Avoiding the Hazards” DVD for gas emergencies that provide critical knowledge and preparation to help emergency responders protect themselves and the public.

The Alliant Energy Foundation provided over $60,000 in grant money to emergency first responders to assist in purchasing safety equipment for their operations.


Supply chain

Alliant Energy partners with small businesses and those held by minorities, women, service-disabled veterans and LGBT owners so that our suppliers reflect the diversity of our communities. We work with numerous certifying agencies for diverse suppliers and also are long-standing members of the North Central Minority Supplier Development Council. This council certifies minority-owned businesses and matches them with member corporations.

As we strive for Zero Injuries, we seek the same level of performance among our contractors. Since 2013 our company has partnered with ISNetworld to improve safety performance of contractors performing physical work, such as repairing equipment and building new facilities. This comprehensive process examines key leading and lagging safety performance indicators. In addition, some contractors have on-site safety evaluations conducted in the field. Over 99% of contractors are achieving a passing grade. To achieve a passing grade, contractors must provide detailed information and statistics on their safety program. The overall contractor incident rate has decreased by 21% since 2013.

Alliant Energy expects its suppliers to adhere to our company’s Code of Conduct. Our Code requires that business dealings be fair, honest and objective.

Employee Growth

Employee resource groups

Alliant Energy’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) offer forums to network, support and share issues important to employees. They also serve as focus groups, providing feedback to the Diversity Office. Being a part of an ERG offers an opportunity to learn, attend development and social events, and network with fellow employees.

Our employees are encouraged to start new resource groups. We currently have the following ERGs: Evolving Professionals Connection, Equality Alliance, Multicultural Network, Sustainability Squad, Women’s Network and the Veterans’ Alliance.

Our Sustainability Squad members used their skills repairing bikes for young adults.

Employee development

Our employees are encouraged to take advantage of available opportunities that foster their continued growth. The Development Coach is an online tool to help employees locate resources to develop competency-based skills. In addition, we offer resources such as 31 on-site classroom courses, online and webinar-based training programs, assessments and a library of books related to job skills and leadership development. In 2017 our employees logged 14,500 video plays to enhance their skills using our online training tool Employees are also eligible for tuition reimbursement of up to 70%, which can be used to further their education.

Our company also supports well-being through our Power Your Health and Virgin Pulse programs, which reward employees for evaluating current health status, completing preventive care screenings, promoting learning and recognizing efforts to make improvements.

Creating a future workforce

The energy industry is rapidly evolving, and our company is pursuing partnerships to support a workforce that is ready for these changes. Our Apprenticeship Program is a key component to replenish and grow our skilled, technical workforce. The paid training is a combination of on-the-job and classroom study that is tailored to our safety standards, operational practices and facility equipment. Completing the program achieves journeyperson status and fulfills up to 60 credits toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Through 2017, our company had 251 apprentices across the service area (134 in Wisconsin and 117 in Iowa).

During the summer of 2017, our College Internship program employed 78 interns. Students were from Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin colleges. This program provides an opportunity to form mutually beneficial relationships with college students. It includes several events and activities that give participants a chance to get to know one another and learn company operations and activities.


Innovative partnerships

In 2017 we joined Energy Impact Partners (EIP) Nexus strategic partner network to continue developing new customer energy solutions. EIP is a private equity firm that strategically invests in innovative technologies, services and products throughout the electricity supply chain. This collaboration among 14 energy companies is exploring emerging trends, with a goal to optimize energy consumption and improve sustainable energy generation. We plan to invest $25 million over five years in this unique partnership funded through our unregulated affiliate, Alliant Energy Finance, LLC.

Alliant Energy also supports studies through the Electric Power Research Institute, Iowa Energy Center, Seventhwave (formerly Energy Center of Wisconsin) and various local universities.

Next Up: Governance and Performance

We have effective organizational and leadership structures to guide sustainability in our operations.