Customers and Community

We put customers first and partner with our communities to help create a better tomorrow.


Supporting customer-owned renewables

Customers can connect their owned renewable generation to our electric system. They use our electric system to sell power to us when their systems produce more than is needed and buy power from us when their systems don’t produce enough. For years, we’ve purchased the excess power from customers who have installed solar panels, small wind turbines and other renewable generation sources.

There are over 3,900 renewable energy projects connected to our system, totaling over 100 megawatts of nameplate capacity.

Second Nature

The Second Nature program allows our customers to support electricity generated from wind and solar located in Iowa and Wisconsin. There is no special equipment to buy and no lifestyle changes needed. Residential customers can choose from three participation levels. All other customers can elect a monthly amount.

Our company has recently reduced the cost for customers to participate in this program by 30% in Wisconsin and 50% in Iowa. At the end of 2017, more than 7,000 customers were participating in Wisconsin and nearly 5,100 customers in Iowa.

The Second Nature program is Green-e® Energy certified, and it meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at


Electrification success

“Electrification” describes the adoption of electric end-use technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs), forklifts and electric truck refrigeration units. As the electric grid transitions to cleaner resources, we are replacing existing fossil-fueled equipment with electric technologies. At industrial and commercial facilities, providing emissions-free work-site conditions significantly benefits equipment operators by improving local air quality.

Alliant Energy is working with our customers to better understand electric technology options and support adoption through various rebates and incentives. In 2017 we provided rebates to 155 customers to install home charging stations. In the commercial sector, 13 customers were approved for 33 rebates, which resulted in 45 additional charging ports. In 2017, non-road electrification rebates provided an estimated annual electric load growth totaling 3.5 million kilowatt-hours.

Equipment covered by rebates

Saving energy

Energy-efficiency benefits

We’ve offered energy-efficiency products, programs and rebates for over 25 years. These services allow our customers to save energy and make a positive impact on the environment.

Every day, we work with our customers to implement energy-efficient practices and technologies to reduce energy usage. In 2017, our energy efficiency programs resulted in additional savings of over 257 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and over 3.3 million therms of natural gas.

2017 Energy efficiency in action
Energy saved was equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from:

44,000 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year

22,000 homes’ energy use for one year

Source: EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

We’re brightening our communities with energy-efficient LED lights. There are currently more than 60,000 LED lighting fixtures in our service area that are used for street lighting, security and flood lighting. Expanding LED to our communities saves energy, reduces costs and improves safety.

Community support

Economic development

Our economic development team’s mission is to spur growth and create positive developments in our communities for expanding, relocating and starting new businesses.

We offer current and prospective customers 12 Alliant Energy Growth Sites throughout our service area. These sites generally have a minimum of 80 acres, are served by Alliant Energy electric and/or natural gas and are development-ready. Big Cedar Industrial Center in Cedar Rapids is Iowa’s only certified mega site with over 1,300 acres and rail service.

During 2017, we supported numerous business expansion projects that created jobs, generated local tax revenues and boosted investment in our communities.

Energy for good

Communities, volunteer organizations and students benefited from $7.3 million in donations and 93,000 hours given through Alliant Energy in 2017. Iowa and Wisconsin customers were supported with resources from the company, its foundation, employees and retirees. Our corporate giving includes $2 million to Hometown Care for electric and heating bill assistance to families in need.

The company, employees and retirees pledged more than $1.2 million to 60 United Way agencies across Iowa and Wisconsin.

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