Governance and Performance

We have effective organizational and leadership structures to guide sustainability in our operations.

Sustainable energy

Our sustainability pillars

Sustainability means doing the right thing, with an eye toward the long run. Our sustainability strategy looks into the future, promoting responsible company growth through the economic, social and environmental decisions we make today. Because it touches on all six of our values, sustainability factors into every one of those major decisions.

That’s why sustainability is built into how we provide energy. Our long-term strategic plan includes carbon reductions and the expansion of renewable energy. But we also recognize that our company’s growth depends on the support of strong, thriving communities in which we serve. And we know that investing in the personal development and well-being of our employees brings value many times over.

Achieving balance has always been integral to our company’s operations. Our energy vision and strategy embraces four guiding principles that are grounded in sustainability:

  • Implementing innovative customer solutions
  • Advancing clean energy
  • Building a smarter, stronger power grid
  • Strengthening our communities

All of these sustainable principles are part of how we are powering what’s next to grow, optimize and transform our business into the future.



We engage in sustainability at all levels and in all departments of the company because of its importance to our company, our values and our strategy. Our system of governance helps us most effectively integrate sustainability throughout the organization.

Board of Directors

  • Responsible for overseeing our vision and mission, strategic plan and overall corporate risk profile – including the impact climate and carbon risks and environmental policy have on these matters
  • Consists of experienced and diverse members
  • Consists of independent directors other than the Chief Executive Officer

Environmental Services and Corporate Sustainability Department

  • Responsible for coordinating company sustainability initiatives and reporting
  • Reports to Vice President of Business Planning

Operations Committee of the Board of Directors

  • Responsible for overseeing environmental strategy and policy, including climate and carbon issues
  • Reviews and approves the Corporate Sustainability Report
  • Consists solely of independent directors

Sustainability Leadership Team

  • Responsible for aligning and advancing sustainability throughout the company
  • Provides guidance on meaningful sustainability goals, fosters cross-functional collaboration, identifies innovative approaches and evaluates strategic sustainability opportunities, champions our sustainability priorities to enable integration throughout the company
  • Consists of decision-makers from throughout all departments in the company
Our Environmental Commitment Statement

Acting for tomorrow

The way we do business at Alliant Energy reflects our commitment to a clean, safe and healthy environment. Alliant Energy is committed to complying with all environmental laws and regulations. We integrate environmental requirements into planning, decision-making, construction, operating and maintenance activities that we perform. Employees conduct work in a manner demonstrating Alliant Energy’s concern for preserving natural resources and protecting wildlife – acting in accordance with our core value to Act for Tomorrow.  We use resources wisely, care for the environment and continuously improve ourselves and our company.

Alliant Energy is committed to environmental stewardship and the following principles to guide our actions:

  • Ensure that the entire organization is accountable for environmental performance.
  • Achieve our company’s vision for a clean energy future.
  • Advance our sustainability framework through the company’s mission, culture and values.
  • Comply fully with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and company procedures.
  • Monitor Alliant Energy’s environmental programs systematically to reduce risk and liability through Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Strive for performance beyond environmental compliance through operational efficiencies, technologies, recycling, reuse, materials and product substitution.
  • Integrate a comprehensive environmental management approach into our overall business and mitigate adverse environmental impacts caused by our operations.
  • Provide employees with job-specific training to properly execute environmental requirements and procedures.
  • Pursue cost-effective energy efficiency improvements in our operations and promote conservation practices and investments in energy-saving technologies by our customers.
  • Preserve natural resources, safeguard ecosystems and promote biodiversity through hazard reduction measures and enhanced land management.
  • Participate in environmental policy development in order to support responsible, fair and flexible regulatory outcomes.
  • Engage in open relationships, communication and education with our customers, regulators and other stakeholders on environmental matters.
  • Transparently report our environmental performance and sustainability progress.


Approved by Alliant Energy’s Executive Review and Risk Committee and the Operations Committee of the Board of Directors.


EEI ESG/Sustainability template

Alliant Energy is also participating in an initiative by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) to provide investor-focused environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability-related information. The EEI template covers both qualitative and quantitative information, consisting of five focus areas: Governance, Strategy, Portfolio, Emissions and Resources. The quantitative template includes ESG metrics for Alliant Energy’s regulated electric utility and natural gas distribution operations.

The template was developed by EEI under the guidance of an ESG/Sustainability Steering Committee and an ESG/Sustainability Investor Group. Alliant Energy is a member of the EEI ESG/Sustainability Steering Committee.

The most recent version can be accessed below.


Sustainability awards

2016 Iowa-Illinois Safety Council Hazard Control Recognition Award

2016 Green Master from The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council

2017 Green Master from The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council

2017 Tree Line USA award from the Arbor Day Foundation

2017 The Women’s Forum of New York Award 

2017 Greater Des Moines Partnership Economic 2017 Impact Award 

2017 Cedar Rapids Gazette Business Excellence Award 

2017 Corridor Business Journal Workforce Award 

2017 Marshalltown Generating Station EnvisionTM Platinum Recognition

2017 100% rating by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index

2018 Green Master from The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council

2018 Sustainable Transportation Champion from Wisconsin Clean Cities

2018 100% rating by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index

2018 Tree Line USA award from the Arbor Day Foundation

2018 Dubuque Solar Project EnvisionTM Platinum Recognition

2018 EPA Award for Land Revitalization, Community Renewal and Outstanding Re-powering – Dubuque Solar

2018 Engineering Excellence from American Council of Engineering Companies – Marshalltown

2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

2019 Forbes Best Midsize Employer

2019 Upland Prairie wind site EnvisionTM Platinum Recognition

2019 English Farms wind site EnvisionTM Platinum Recognition